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Who we are ?

We, Maviyol Insaat operate in Turkey with corporate firms as manufacturer and implementer. We continue our activities with the corporate firms as contracter and engineering service. With our qualified staff and extensive experience, we provide service in many areas without compromising on quality and success.

Starting from the planning phase of our work, we continue our existence until the moment of implementation and delivery, we aim to achieve more than all of our projects’ needs and demands and we aim to keep customer satisfaction at the maximum. We always put quality, confidence and stability at the forefton in all our activities.

We are a company that directs technology and innovations with the aim of providing continuous improvement both socially and economically.

Our Vision

Our vision; Turkey and worldwide with broad technical infrastructure, thanks to the quality and the work we have done by continuing its innovative approach with strong collaborators without compromising success, customer-oriented approach by moving more needed in the world, and it preferred to offer our skills and experience as a corporate company.

We also support Green Building construction for today’s challenges such as global warming, thirst, environmental pollution and the rapid consumption of natural resources. Our environmentally friendly buildings with green building certification have more value as they are energy saving, respecting the nature, are ecological and comfortable and consume less energy.

Our Mission

To build a quality and reliable living space in accordance with the social and cultural fabric of the region and to build quality living spaces in order to create better tomorrows,

To work with the universal consciousness,

To achieve the highest level of excellence, to manage our values ​​with our competitive and growth potential in the best way

To respect the human and nature is the main aim of our company, by keeping our company and customer relations in harmony with our sector in terms of service differentiation and environment friendly green building construction, we aim to disseminate it.

   Board of Director’s Message


Chairman of the Board / Civil EngineerCivil Engineer (M.SC.)

Hasan Gülseroğlu’s career journey started at his early 20’s with the outstanding contributions of the leading architecture and engineering companies of the sector before the establishment of Maviyol İnşaat. Gülseroğlu, who has become accustomed to perfectionism at an early age with his different experiences in the construction sector, carries out important works by fulfilling his responsibilities for humanity, environment and universal values ​​with his work discipline and determination.